Pacifica Christian High School

I have a daughter who struggles academically due to ADD. I asked her school counselor whom she might recommend for tutoring. She gave me the name of Brighter Minds. It was towards the end of school and she had a “C-” in her English class. I thought there was no hope, and my daughter had been tutored before and it didn’t really help, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt either. I spoke to Nicole (owner), and she paired my daughter up with Nick. Within a month, she brought her grade up to almost an “A”! Never, ever have I seen anyone be able to reach my daughter and be able to not only motivate her with her studies, but improve her grade so rapidly! When you have a child with ADD, you become accustomed to lower, grades. Now I honestly feel that she actually has a chance. Thank you, Nicole, thank you, Nick!