Emerson Middle School Parent

Hands down the best tutoring experience our family ever had. I researched extensively to find a tutor for our son who is in 6 grade and started to have problems with math. I called  several tutoring places, but after talking to Nicole, the owner, I knew that I had found the perfect place. Nicole is very kind, professional, helpful and knowledgeable. She perfectly matched my son with a tutor who knows exactly how to make my son understand certain math concepts and practices with him until he understands them completely. Not only my son improve his grades after about 10 sessions but even more importantly his attitude towards math changed as well!
My son got his groove back and he is back to feeling confident and he is actually enjoying math at school again. We have the most incredible experience with Brighter Minds Tutoring and I intend to stay with amazing Nicole and her knowledgeable tutors for years to come.Would Highly recommend them to my friends and family!



Palisades High School Parent

So far 5 STARS and my daughter just had her second tutor session with Dom from BMT and she already is catching a lot of the mistakes she was making in Algebra 2. As a freshman in high school taking honors classes,  Algebra 2 can be quite challenging and we are relieved to know that we may have finally found the right tutor for her. We have spent $ in the past to no avail and nothing seemed to be working as much as we explained our daughters plight.   You know when your kid is overall doing well,  but for some reason getting stuck on tests and quizzes?  On top of having that teacher that doesn’t teach thoroughly? Well, we think we found the answer in BMT and Dom seems the perfect fit for what our child needs. This is well worth the cost and they are willing to work with a busy schedule. My daughter is happy about the progress she’s making already, confidence is up and ready to ace her tests.  Nicole,  the director has been nothing but kind,  patient,  and totally got it when I explained my daughter’s predicament. I highly recommend Brighter Minds.



Pacifica Christian High School

I have a daughter who struggles academically due to ADD. I asked her school counselor whom she might recommend for tutoring. She gave me the name of Brighter Minds. It was towards the end of school and she had a “C-” in her English class. I thought there was no hope, and my daughter had been tutored before and it didn’t really help, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt either. I spoke to Nicole (owner), and she paired my daughter up with Nick. Within a month, she brought her grade up to almost an “A”! Never, ever have I seen anyone be able to reach my daughter and be able to not only motivate her with her studies, but improve her grade so rapidly! When you have a child with ADD, you become accustomed to lower, grades. Now I honestly feel that she actually has a chance. Thank you, Nicole, thank you, Nick!



Milken Community High School Student

I have been using tutors from Brighter Minds Tutoring for the past 5 years and I have had an amazing experience with each tutor I have worked with. All of the tutors have been so professional and knowledgeable and have helped me with subjects ranging from English, Math, Sciences, History, AP courses, and even college essays! I am so lucky to have found this tutoring company! I definitely recommend Brighter Minds Tutoring!



Windward Student

I couldn’t be happier with this tutoring service. I initially was looking for a tutor to help me keep on track with my SAT prep. I thought that that was what I needed to improve my score. I found much more in my tutor Zach. He knew many ways in which I could understand the test and score higher than I had previously. Zach was also extremely friendly and an overall nice guy. He helped me so much with my SAT prep and I am forever thankful for him.



Harvard Westlake Parent

Brighter Minds is the best place to find tutors! Nicole is great to work with and with a simple text I can have a fantastic tutor on call for any subject. Zach is so sweet for SAT, Nick is fantastic for organizing college applications and essays and Kelly is a great help with AP chemistry. Everyone is really sweet and very professional. I would highly recommend this company.